Frill-Ability Starter Kit

Newly disabled, never thought much about adaptive living, or looking for a new perspective? You've come to the right place! Take a look at our favourite sponsors and partners! Here are my go-to resources and brands to keep my life fresh and functional to my ability.


Abilities Expo

Abilities Expo is the North American convention for people with disabilities and the people in their lives who care. Full of one of a kind resources, workshops, vendors, and social opportunities, it is a life changing event, drawing back repeat visitors and new alike. The best part--it is totally free to attend! We are growing every year, and we have a team of Ambassadors to help answer your questions. (I am one of them!) You are not alone. Come find your community. You can keep up with our recent events and other disability community news and


Rebirth Garments

"Rebirth Garments are gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability. Every piece is made to order and is tailored to your exact specifications. Garments are fully customizable and there are no standard sizes. 

Rebirth Garment’s mission is to create gender non-conforming wearables and accessories for people on the full spectrum of gender, size and ability. The line creates a community where all people can confidently express their individuality and identity. Our identity is that of QueerCrip, a politicized umbrella term that encompasses queer, gender nonconforming identities, visible and invisible disabilities/ disorders—physical, mental, developmental, emotional ect. In particular, our trans* and disabled communities have very particular clothing needs that are not adequately served by mainstream clothing designers. Instead of being centered on cisgender, heterosexual, white, thin people, Rebirth Garments is centered on QueerCrip people.

Rebirth Garments challenges mainstream beauty standards that are sizest, ableist, and conform to the gender binary. Instead, we maintain the notion of Radical Visibility, a movement based on claiming our bodies and, through the use of bright colors, exuberant fabrics, and innovative designs, highlighting the parts of us that society typically shuns. Through Radical Visibility, we refuse to assimilate and can create a QueerCrip dress reform movement."

HDS Medallion

"HDS Medallion® is a trademarked name of our fabulously functional bags along with our logo and the medallion that is sewn on every authentic HDS Medallion Designer CarryAll Bag for Mobility Devices. HDS Medallion represents an exciting direction for the company and its owners, Bill and Carol Rady. It’s been quite a journey since the online store launched on April 15, 2011 as the business, products and types of customers have expanded and evolved."

"Since 1993, Lunapads' mission has been to inspire our customers to embrace more positive and informed relationships with their bodies and the Earth. Our trusted collection of Classic Lunapads & Pantyliners, Performa Pads, The DivaCup, and LunaUndies Period Underwear offers a fresh new perspective on personal care — and thanks to Lunapads users, over 20 million disposable pads are kept out of landfills every year." USE MY COUPON CODES: Ambassador Number: 616022 and Code: AMBFIVE for 5% OFF!