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Add a few frills to your adaptive lifestyle! Show your disability and intersectional feminist pride with a wide range of merchandise in three different shops including apparel, bags, jewellery, and stationary! Your funds directly support the advocacy work of Frill-Ability and myself, ElleJay, a person who lives with a rare disease, fighting daily for my own happy, adaptive life. All of the art is my original work, and the products are provided by each shop who also prints and ships the completed merchandise to you.

Each vendor frequently has sales! Check the tops of the pages and each listing for discounts! Sadly, I don't control these as the artist. If you have questions about any of the products or suggestions for designs you'd like to see, you can send us a message.

frill-ability on spreadshirt

On Spreadshirt you'll see apparel and bags, mostly, and it will tend to be more simple art or focused on phrases. If you like American Apparel, we have designed for their leggings! These are a lot of great everyday items while still making a statement about who you are. Of the three companies, they have the best ink customisation! I am really excited to see their flocked, sparkly, and glow-in-the-dark inks in person!

frill_ability on Society 6

Our bolder apparel and items for the home are over at Society6! We are REALLY excited about our first all over print, "Cosmia Wheeling in Space," so as you can see, we put it on everything! It features a little rainbow alien wheeling through a pastel pop-art galaxy! The quality of Socety6 items look superb, and I am very excited to review them. The leggings seem the most spoonie-friendly for those with chronic pain, are pressure sensitive, or who have circulation issues between the shops because (yay) gentle or no elastic!

Want $10 off your first order if you're a new Society6 customer? Click here for a coupon!

frill_ability on zazzle

Zazzle has a wide variety of really cool non-clothing items, and we are JAZZED to put our art all over them! Some of them can get a little pricey, so we try to keep a range of values for all budgets as well. You can get stickers for around $6 to (freaking really cool) "Cosmia Wheeling in Space" ZIPZ  slip-ons for about $80.

Current obsessions: the Baggu Duck Bag with our "Mmmm..Consen-Tea" print, "You Are Worthy of Their Time" May 28th watch, and "Cosmia Wheeling Through Space" Bound Journal Pocket Journal.  


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