Fashion! Discover and Adapt Your Unique Style @ Abilities Expo Chicago

My first time at Abilities Expo as a speaker, I will be giving a workshop on adaptively expressing yourself with fashion!

"A few frills in life are essential. That little extra something that says, "This is me!" gets you through your day. Why wouldn't this be a choice when we face a different set of abilities? You can be fabulous, help yourself, and not have to worry about your needs, with the right perspective and a little modification. At this workshop discover how you can identify the fashion styles you like best and gain the confidence to wear them. Plus we'll uncover ways to make fashion as adaptive as possible, including wearable tech with health benefits and bringing fun to your assistive devices. Things on the outside are not the most important, but it is how they make us feel that count. Whatever you wear, it should make your light shine from the inside out for the world to see just how infinitely able we are." 

It will be located in the Workshop Area, and as always, attendance to the workshop and the Expo is FREE! However, it will save you time to pre-register!

I might appear in more cities in the future, but that is to be announced at a later date! Find out about more Expos in cities near you if you can't make it out to Chicago and want to experience the Expo, here!