Frill-Ability is here to provide a resource for the Black, Brown, Disabled, and Queer communities who are interested in adaptive living and intersectional spaces. We modify and we enhance, and Frill-Ability is here to encourage along the way. We promote compassion, self-love, and a healthy dose of frills to make life refreshing.

Frill-Ability was founded in August 2014 and became a nonprofit organisation in September 2016. One of the things we pride ourselves on most is collaboration. It's an honour to work with and support other businesses in the communities we care about. Please feel comfortable reaching out to us.

Our maxim is "Make Good with Your Ability" because we believe that, within them, most everyone has the potential of good. Only good can breed goodness, and as marginalised people, we have to constantly adapt, making good with what we have. Society teaches people to shame the bodies they were born into, and that's what we aim to un-teach.

By supporting Frill-Ability, whether you are attending events, listening to our podcast, using our resources, buying our products, or donating, you are contributing to a more intersectional and adaptive society, albeit in a small way. It's those little things that count! We aim to broaden the scope of our reach as the years pass, and with your support, we can only grow stronger! Thank you for taking the time to visit us today. Sending you lots of love and light.
-Sorel Estrada Volpe

Instagram: @frillability